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Cold Steel Six Flange Mace

Maces of this type were in use for hundreds of years as they were simple to make, relatively inexpensive and highly effective especially against enemies in plate armor. The whole point of the flanges was to concentrate the weight and power of a blow with the mace in one or two narrow ridges so they would better transmit force. The mace was carried by the watch (police of the day), archers, foot soldiers, men at arms and knights. Our Six Flange Mace crosses over to every group, collector or reenactor at a moderate price.

Cold Steel Six Flange Mace

Product Code: CS-90MA

Cold Steel Six Flange Mace


  Imperial Metric
Weight 36oz 1.02kg
Handle Details Wood
Steel Carbon Steel
Overall 21" 53.3cm

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(Including VAT at 20%)