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Hammerhead Sharpener & Opener

Hammerhead Sharpener & Opener

Hammerhead Sharpener & Opener

Ref: HH01

The Hammerhead™ combines Lansky’s popular “V” shaped Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic Rod sharpening elements with a convenient bottle cap opener and beverage tab opener. The Tungsten Carbide Sharpener is ideal for lightning quick repairs and the Ceramic Sharpening Rods polish a finished edge in just three or four strokes. Swift repairs on kitchen, hunting and outdoors knives are simple when utilising both sharpening elements. The ergonomic rubber safety handle makes the Hammerhead™ both easy and safe to use for left or right handed individuals.

The Hammerhead™ Sharpener is a great multipurpose tool for outdoorsmen and the chef at home, where cold beverages and a good sharp knife are essential. Perfect for camping, barbequing or the home.


Place knife on a flat surface with 1/2 inch of the blade over the edge. Hold the knife steady with one hand, gripping the sharpener with the other hand as indicated. Pull the Hammerhead™ over the blade lightly in the direction shown, following the curve of the blade. Repeat 3 to 4 times to produce a razor-sharp edge. The grey carbide sharpens and the white ceramic finishes. Clean knife thoroughly.

Hold the can firmly with one hand. Using the other hand, slide thetab-opener element underneath the tab until it stops. Use the Hammerhead™ as a lever to pop open the can. Enjoy!

Be Smart, Be Safe and Stay an Edge Above the Rest!

Hammerhead Sharpener & Opener XX

Product Code: LS-HH01

Hammerhead Sharpener & Opener XX

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