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Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus

Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus
The Kukri blade, with its markedly downward curved blade, has long been identified with the Gurkhas of Nepal, who have used this blade for over 150 years in the service of the British Empire.

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri was inspired by Cold Steel President, Lynn C. Thompson's close association with Dr. Maung Gyi, chief instructor of the American Bando Association, and a renowned martial artist with wide-ranging knowledge and skills. Under Dr. Gyi's tutelage, Lynn gained insight into the full potential of the Kukri and learned it was not just a chopping tool but a piercing, slashing, and smashing tool as well. Smashing techniques allow the Kukri to function as a hammer or mallet.

With Dr. Gyi's input, Thompson designed a longer, narrower point for the Gurkha Kukri with more distal tapering to the spine. This resulted in a thinner, sharper point which can be deeply driven into thick, tough materials with minimal effort.

Finally a masterfully designed Kraton handle was added to maximize the blade's potential. Perfectly contoured and deeply checkered, it offers a superb non-slip grip and cushions the hand from the shock of usage.

Each Gurkha Kukri is supplied with a Secure-Ex® sheath to protect the blade and allow you to wear it safely and securely on your side always ready to defend you and your loved ones.

NEW Gurkha Kukri Plus:
With Integral guard for added safety.

Gurkha Kukri Plus XX

Product Code: CS-39LGKI

Gurkha Kukri Plus XX


  Imperial Metric
Weight 22.88oz 0.65kg
Blade Thickness 5/16" 12.7cm
Blade Length 12" 30.5cm
Handle 5" 12.7cm
Handle Details Kraton
Steel Carbon Steel - O-1
Overall 17" 43.2cm
Colour Silver
Sheath Yes
Scabbard Secure Ex

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