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The Fighting Tomahawk

Cold Steel The Fighting Tomahawk DVD

The Tomahawk is a uniquely American invention - it's a highly useful tool. Unfortunately, up until now, there has been very little formal instruction on how to exploit the versatility of the Tomahawk. That is why, after 13 years of manufacturing and 15 years of research, training, and sparring, Cold Steel is presenting our new DVD, The Fighting Tomahawk.

Covered Topics

* Advantages of the Tomahawk as a weapon.
* Customizing your Tomahawk.
* Specialized training; Tomahawks and safety issues.
* Gripping methods.
* Fighting stances and postures.
* Chopping, cutting, slashing, and hacking.
* Stabbing, slapping, hammering, gouging, and sawing.
* Pushing, pulling, and hooking with your Tomahawk.
* Avoiding blows, stop hitting, counter slashing, blocking, parrying, and using the empty hand.
* Disarm defenses.
* Stopping the charge.
* Strength and agility drills.
* Distance judging drills.
* Identifying an enemy's weakness.
* Creating and exploiting openings or opportunities.
* Fight strategy.
* Sparring drills, and actual sparring.
* Opposing other weapons.