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Cold Steel Lucky

Cold Steel Lucky
The "Lucky" is our modern re-invention of the classic Gentleman's pen knife.

Designed by Lynn C Thompson and Andrew Demko, this exquisite, expertly engineered knife is the ultimate upscale pocket / pen knife.

Astonishingly lightweight, barely moving the scale at a meager 1oz, the Lucky is utterly effortless to carry.

Carry it in a pocket, or use the removable pocket clip to wear it with dress pants or lightweight summer slacks, carry it in a thin shirt pocket or even use it as a tie clip, it is so thin and light you'll forget you even have a knife - but it's always there when you need it!

Made to the highest standards and with the very best materials, the Lucky packs an astonishing amount of capability into one very discreet package.

Its twin blades (one plain edge, one serrated) are made from premium Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy Steel, hand fitted and securely nestled between two-tone polished carbon fiber scales –and with an RC of 60-61, the Lucky takes a razor edge that will last!

The Cold Steel Lucky is destined to become the quintessential Gentleman's carry knife. Stylish, unobtrusive, elegant and legal almost everywhere in the world, it's a versatile knife that will serve you well for a lifetime and beyond - and look beautiful doing it!

Cold Steel Lucky Two

Product Code: CS-54VPN

Cold Steel Lucky Two


  Imperial Metric
Weight 1.12oz 31.8g
Blade Thickness 0.04" 1.5mm
Blade Length 2.62" 6.7cm
Handle 3¼" 8.3cm
Handle Details Carbon Fiber
Steel Stainless Steel - CPM-S35VN
Length 2.62" 6.7cm
Overall 8½" 21.6cm
Colour Silver
Clip Stainless Pocket/Belt Clip
Sheath No
Material Carbon Fiber

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