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Cold Steel Laredo Bowie

Cold Steel Laredo Bowie
These very popular, time tested knives have been in our line for many years and are ideal for just about any mission. Now made out of O-1 High Carbon Steel, they are precision ground and heat treated to rival the strength, toughness, and edge retention of our famous Japanese swords. Check out their absolutely superior fit, finish and above all sharpness and then put them to work and we are sure you'll agree they are an incredible bargain.

Awesome is the only adjective that even begins to describe our Laredo Bowie. In fact, it really has to be seen to be appreciated, since mere words just don’t do it justice. It features a long, heavy blade, which is flat ground to produce incredible cutting power and perfect balance. And, as an added bonus, it is given an absolutely ferocious cutting edge that terminates in a dagger sharp point.

To further enhance its versatility and efficiency, it sports a four and a half inch long sharpened clip point that helps facilitate back cuts, as well as a wide variety of more conventional cuts and thrusting motions.

The rich, polished Faux Cocobolo handle is as tough as it is beautiful. It is specially contoured to fit the hand like a glove and to provide a positive grip when cutting, chopping or thrusting.

To complement the Laredo's incredibly sharp blade and superb handle, we have carefully forged a unique guard and integral bolster out of a single piece of brass. Both bolster and guard are handsomely detailed and are finished with a fine mirror polish.

To keep your Laredo Bowie safely at your side and ready for action, we have provided a classic Cold Steel Secure-Ex sheath.

Laredo Bowie - Micarta Handle XX

Product Code: CS-39LLBMT

Laredo Bowie - Micarta Handle XX


  Imperial Metric
Weight 16.16oz 0.46kg
Blade Thickness 5/16" 12.7cm
Blade Length 10½" 26.7cm
Handle 5.14" 13.1cm
Handle Details Micarta
Steel Carbon Steel - O-1
Overall 15.64" 39.7cm
Colour Silver
Sheath Yes
Scabbard Secure Ex
Country of Origin Taiwan

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