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Cold Steel La Fontaine Thrower

Cold Steel La Fontaine Thrower
Luke LaFontaine is a long-time member of our Cold Steel crew. Known primarily for his expertise in Japanese Sword Arts, he is also a highly knowledgeable Western Swordsman, historical fencer and amateur historian.

As an actor, stuntman and weapons expert for the big screen, Luke has perfected a wide range of combative skills, including knife throwing. Combining his love of historical weaponry, with his passion for “sword and sandals” action adventure movies, Luke has designed an eye catching and fun knife that will serve multiple roles.

The LaFontaine Thrower is heavily curved, with a wide belly, sharp cutting edge and an acute tip, that’s accented by an unsharpened false edge. With an integral finger guard to stop your hand from sliding onto the sharp edge, and a tapered easy-release handle for throwing, the LaFontaine Thrower is a capable cutting blade as well as an excellent throwing knife.

La Fontaine Thrower

Product Code: CS-80TLFZ

La Fontaine Thrower


  Imperial Metric
Weight 14.56oz 0.41kg
Blade Thickness 0.20" 5mm
Blade Length 8" 20.3cm
Handle 6" 15.2cm
Steel Carbon Steel - 1050
Overall 14" 35.6cm
Colour Black

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