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Black Bear Classic

This classic sub-hilt design was first developed by Bob Loveless, one of the founding members of The Knifemakers' Guild. It's perhaps the quintessential knife. Its 8" blade offers excellent reach and incredible penetration with very little physical effort. The sub hilt practically eliminates the possibility of the hand being dislodged or coming into contact with the blade. Plus, the sub hilt facilitates rapid and effortless withdrawal after insertion. The VG-10 San Mai III blade is perfectly heat treated and a double grind is expertly applied. Then the surface of the blade is polished to a beautiful satin finish and the edges are honed and buffed to hair shaving sharpness! The black G10 scales are fastened to the blade tang by 6 stainless pins and expertly hand shaped and contoured.

Cold Steel San Mai Black Bear Classic

Product Code: CS-35AR

Cold Steel San Mai Black Bear Classic


  Imperial Metric
Weight 13.92oz 0.39kg
Blade Length 8¼" 21.0cm
Handle 5" 12.7cm
Handle Details G-10
Steel Stainless Steel - VG-10
Length 8¼" 21.0cm
Overall 13¼" 33.7cm
Colour Silver
Sheath Yes
Scabbard Secure Ex
Material G-10

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