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Self Defense with the Sjambok

Cold Steel Self Defense with the Sjambok DVD

In addition to its use as a cattle prod, whip, and a means of self protection, the African Sjambok is also known as a formidable snake killer. Its considerable reach, lightning speed and devastating impact make child’s play of dispatching some of the biggest snakes. And you can imagine how devastatingly effective it is on two legged predators as well. A light blow can raise a serious welt while a heavy stroke can cut through thick clothing as efficiently as a razor, leaving a fearsome yet non-lethal wound.

In this new DVD, entitled Self Defense with the Sjambok, Lynn Thompson, President of Cold Steel® and Chief Instructor of our training division will teach you how to use the Sjambok to defend yourself and your loved ones.
Here’s just a partial list of the subjects covered...

* Advantages of the Sjambok as a weapon.
* Training equipment and safety.
* Gripping methods.
* Fighting stances.
* Footwork.
* One and two handed striking methods.
* Pommel strikes.
* Pushing, pulling, and hooking.
* Encircling, trapping, tripping, and uprooting.
* Smashing, choking, and sawing.
* Using footwork to avoid blows.
* Defending your weapon hand, stop hitting, counter slashing, parrying, blocking, using the empty hand.
* Defeating disarm attempts.
* Defeating the charge.
* Defeating the standing grapple.
* Strategy.