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Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete

Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete
Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson has been exploring the potential of the Kukri for over two decades. It's hard to find a more versatile knife. A stalwart ally in a tight spot and an indispensable survival tool, a good Kukri is truly apocalypse proof!

When he chose to design a new Kukri Lynn looked to his many hours training in Cold Steel's facility for inspiration. Where other companies look to hired help for their "knowledge", standing on the shoulders of giants, Lynn and his team invested their own blood, sweat and tears, endlessly sparring with different prototypes looking for ways to improve upon this already near perfect design.

Lynn recognized that many of the qualities that make a great knife also make a great bushcraft tool. A sharp blade, strong tip, good hand protection and a versatile handle are all key. Stripping the Kukri back to its bare basics he then began re-designing the knife from the ground up. The re-imagined blade was presented at an entirely new angle, keeping the cutting power that made the Kukri the stuff of legend, but increasing its thrusting and piercing power. The handle with its integral guard kept the user's precious digits safe from harm while changing the balance and heft of the knife considerably.

The newly christened Royal Kukri was then extensively field-tested. Proving to be an outstanding multi-functional bush knife. Capable of the toughest bushcraft chores, from chopping firewood to dispatching wounded game.

With a rust resistant baked on matte black coating, the fully sharpened 1055 Carbon Steel blade is safely and securely held in a sturdy Cor-Ex sheath.

Royal Kukri Machete

Product Code: CS-97KMIGS

Royal Kukri Machete


  Imperial Metric
Weight 17.92oz 0.51kg
Blade Thickness 0.08" 2.8mm
Blade Length 14" 35.6cm
Handle 5¼" 13.3cm
Handle Details Polypropylene
Steel Carbon Steel - 1055
Overall 20¾" 52.7cm
Colour Black
Sheath Cor-Ex

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