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Poll Axe

Cold Steel Poll Axe

Cold Steel Poll Axe
With superior reach and armor-shattering force the Poll Axe represented the great equalizer between the common foot soldier and the terrifying juggernaut that was the Knight on horseback on the medieval battlefield. The heavy machine-gun of its day, the Poll Axe was unstoppable!

The same attributes that made the Poll Axe so renowned on the battlefields of old still ring true today. Poll Axe is a true powerhouse of performance.

Cold Steel's Poll Axe is expertly drop forged from 1055 carbon steel. The sharp axe blade and brutal hammer head are differentially heat treated, leaving the "business" ends of the weapon hard, and the body a little softer to absorb shock and impact.

Our tough American made Ash handles are further strengthened with black steel langettes.

Some minor assembly is required.