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Cold Steel Lucky One

Cold Steel Lucky One
The Cold Steel Lucky One is our modern re-invention of the classic Gentleman’s pen knife. Astonishingly lightweight, it barely moves the scale at a little over 1oz, making it utterly effortless to carry. Use the removable pocket clip to wear it with dress pants or lightweight summer slacks, carry it in a shirt pocket or even use it as a tie clip, it is so thin and light you’ll forget you even have a knife - but it’s always there when you need it! The Lucky One features one plain edge blade made from premium CPM S-35VN steel, securely nestled between two-tone polished carbon fiber scales - and with an RC of 60-61, the Lucky One takes a razor edge that will last! Stylish, unobtrusive, elegant and legal almost everywhere in the world, it’s a versatile knife that will serve you well, and look beautiful while doing it!

Lucky One

Product Code: CS-54VPM

Lucky One


  Imperial Metric
Weight 0.8oz 22.7g
Blade Thickness 0.04" 1.5mm
Blade Length 2.62" 6.7cm
Handle 3¼" 8.3cm
Handle Details Carbon Fiber
Steel Stainless Steel - S35VN
Overall 5.87" 14.9cm
Colour Silver

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109.99 / 131.99

(Including VAT at 20%)