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Cold Steel Hold Out

Cold Steel Hold Out
For many years now Cold Steel has been fascinated with the Black Knife or Skean Dhu (Gaelic) of the ancient Scottish warriors. Used as a utility or back-up knife and worn under the sleeve, tucked inside a jacket or slipped into the top of a stocking it was thin, flat "pointy" and light as a feather.

Now Cold Steel is proud to offer you our latest interpretation of this timeless knife in the form of an updated Tactical folder we call the Hold Out.

Available in several sizes to meet just about anyone's needs, they offer a number of contemporary variations and refinements at a very affordable price. Each blade features a thin, acutely pointed tip that's sharp as the proverbial needle. And it glides effortlessly through even the most puncture resistant materials while remaining remarkably resistant to breakage. Adding to their value and effectiveness, each knife has been precisely and beautifully hollow ground before being honed by hand to a razor edge that will fling hairs from your arm like magic.

The handles of our Hold Out series are also reminiscent of their ancient forbearers. Fashioned from the finest American made G-10 laminate, they offer a palm hugging profile and a thin, flat cross section that resists rolling or twisting in the palm while remaining comfortable and versatile enough to accommodate a wide variety of gripping styles.

To protect your fingers from our Hold Out's remarkably sharp blades, each knife comes with our record breaking Tri-Ad lock. Proven to way out perform the competition in the most brutal tests imaginable, it's simply the best lock available for folding knives at any price.

For discreet carry and immediate access, the Hold Outs are supplied with polished stainless steel pocket clips and thumb studs on the blade. This arrangement allows a wide variety of carry options.

New for 2015

The 2015 Hold Out series will now have Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy Steel blades.

2015 Hold Out III Medium (Serrated) XX

Product Code: CS-11HCMS

2015 Hold Out III Medium (Serrated) XX


  Imperial Metric
Weight 2.4oz 68.0g
Blade Thickness 0.12" 3mm
Blade Length 3" 7.6cm
Handle 4" 10.2cm
Handle Details G-10
Steel Carbon Steel - CTS XHP
Overall 7" 17.8cm
Colour Silver
Clip Stainless Pocket/Belt Clip

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